Flat White and Toasted Cheese and Vegemite Bagel at Flat White, Soho

Under normal circumstances, I am more of an americano and marmite-on-toast kinda girl, but when in Rome (in this case an Australian coffee shop) you have to do as the Romans do; so I ordered a flat white and a toasted cheese and vegemite bagel.  Despite not being much of a flat white drinker, I enjoyed this one a lot: really well made and using coffee from Drop Coffee, which I have not encountered before but liked so much I bought a box to take home. And you just can’t beat toasted cheese and yeast extract on a bagel, even if it is the second-best kind (sorry Australians).
Flat White, £2.20 (I think). Cheese and vegemite toasted bagel, £4.00 (it would usually be a toasted sandwich, but they were out of bread).
Flat White, 17 Berwick Street, London W1F 0PT.

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