Chicken Katsu Burger at Yu Kyu, KERB Kings Cross

If you look at breakfast not as the morning meal, but as the first meal of the day, it suddenly opens up all kinds of possibilities of what you can reasonably eat. If I am having an early lunch, I will skip eating first thing so that, in a way, my lunch becomes my breakfast. Today was one of those days as I had arranged to meet my friend Lauren at KERB Kings Cross and didn’t want to spoil my appetite. I had been dying to try Yu Kyu‘s chicken katsu ever since I saw it on the recent Time Out list of the best street food in London; so went for their chicken katsu burger with slaw on toasted brioche. The optional katsu curry sauce made it extra special- just enough to give it a punch of flavour, not enough to dampen down the crispiness of the chicken. Perfection.
Yu Kyu are often at the various KERB sites, as well as other street food markets in London. For their schedule, follow them on Twitter @_YuKyu_
KERB Kings Cross (Monday – Friday, 12pm-2pm), Lewis Cubitt Square, London N1


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