Bacon and Egg Butty at Le Swine, KERB Kings Cross

I am well aware that this is my second bacon and egg sandwich this week. I didn’t exactly plan it this way, but I had some time to pop over to KERB Kings Cross today, saw that Le Swine were there, and it just kind of happened. This bacon and egg sandwich is a completely different beast to the last: for one thing, it is in a bap (YES), and it is so big, robust and full of thick bacon that you just want to go “GRRRRRRR” in appreciation. Seriously though, soft floury bap, thickly cut bacon, and a perfect fried duck egg that will spill yolk everywhere – in a pool in the bottom of the tray for dunking if you’re lucky, in your hands and on your clothes if you aren’t. They also make their own ketchup which is outstanding (and, so I’m told, an alternative for those on the brown sauce camp.)
Bacon butty with a fried egg is £6.00
Le Swine are at KERB Kings Cross on Wednesdays, Broadgate Circle on Fridays, The Schoolyard at Broadway Market on Saturdays and Brentford Market on Sundays. For their schedule, follow them on Twitter @le_swine
KERB Kings Cross (Monday – Friday 12pm-2pm) Lewis Cubitt Square or Granary Square, London N1


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