Gravlaks on Toast with a Poached Duck Egg at Baltzersens, Harrogate

Have you ever been to Harrogate? Everybody kept telling me how nice it was, but nothing really prepared me for… how nice it was. Yesterday evening I walked around Valley Gardens for an hour and was almost ready to pack up my life in London and move north. I couldn’t leave today without trying out one of its cafes for brunch, and a little googling led me to Baltzersens, a Scandi-inspired cafe that prides itself on using Yorkshire-sourced ingredients. I was immediately enticed by the gravlaks (gravlax – sp?) with a poached duck egg. The smoked salmon was plentiful and the hollandaise, spiked with lemon and dill was one of the best I’ve tried. The toast was a little overdone, but that was no biggie. Actually, rye would have been just perfect.
Baltzersens, 22 Oxford Street, Harrogate HP1 1PU


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