Frizzled Chicken with Avocado and Parmesan on Toast at Pedlar, Peckham

This morning didn’t begin particularly well. There was, of course, a hangover, which is nothing new on a Sunday. Also, the rain meant cancelling my planned walk, and I broke my iPhone. The only thing that was going to cheer me up, at least my husband hoped so, was brunch. I’ve been dying to go to Pedler for brunch for some time, and began to suspect that I was the only person left in south east London who had not done so. One strong coffee in and I started to feel happier, and by the time I saw that there was frizzled chicken on the brunch menu, I had perked up immensely. Frizzled chicken turned out to be a pile of the most delicious moist brined fried chicken, with a coating that was both salty, spicy and a little sweet. It also came with sweet toasted bread, which was soft enough to put on your fork with a piece of chicken without sending it flying across the room. As well as this, perfectly ripe avocado, soft red cabbage and little salty shards of grated parmesan. OK, so fried chicken is not the most typical of brunch foods (even in south London, where the streets are perpetually littered with chicken bones,) but I loved it. It was a perfect balance of flavours and so well put together. Plus, Pedler is a bloody nice place, I can see why they all stared at me in disbelief when I said I hadn’t been.

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