Lamb Merguese Sausage Roll, Soft Boiled Egg and Harissa at Honey & Co., Fitzrovia

I’ve been in Southampton for a few days and it’s been lovely. When driving back to London early in the morning there are only usually three options for breakfast: have something small before you go, stop at a service station, or wait until you get there. The latter was obviously the most appealing option, so I didn’t have breakfast until almost midday. Fortunately, one of my favourite restaurants in London is a very short walk from my office. I had to start treating breakfast at Honey & Co. as an occasional treat rather than an everyday occurrence as I was getting into a bit of trouble with my bank manager; and today I allowed myself such a treat. The lamb merguese sausage rolls at Honey & Co. are one of my favourite dishes in the city: two spiced sausages and a little smidge of red pepper paste in a flaky pastry topped with nigella seeds. They tend to mix up the accompaniments a bit, but today it came with a soft boiled egg, some fruity harissa that was spicy without being overwhelming; and the usual bowl of olives, cherry tomatoes and pickled chillies. This, with a black coffee, is enough to set me up for the week.
Merguese sausage roll with egg and harissa was about £7.00 (I think)
Honey & Co., 25a Warren Street, London W1T 5LZ

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