Soft Shell Crab Burger at Crabbieshack, Kerb Kings Cross

Before I get on to the beauty of this burger, I need to acknowledge how monumentally shit I’ve been at keeping up this blog recently. I won’t go into too much detail, but work has temporarily taken over my life. I will be cobbling together all my little notes and photos and posting my breakfasts of the past few weeks retrospectively, so do have a look if you have the time (thanks for bearing with me.)

Today I grabbed my precious lunch hour by the horns and went up to Kerb Kings Cross to meet my friend Lauren. Also there were Crabbieshack, a street food van I have been chasing around London for some time, but have sadly always missed.  My persistent social media stalking paid off as today I finally tried their signature soft shell crab burger I have been so longing after. The crabs are coated in old bay seasoned batter and deep fried before being added to a soft bun with salad. From the various toppings options I chose pickled cucumber, chilli, coriander and wasabi mayo. The crab was perfect and I loved the contrast of the sharp pickled cukes. I would have maybe liked a little more kick in the mayo but, hell, don’t I always?
Soft shell crab burger was £7.50 
Crabbieshack are often at KERB and occasionally at other London street food markets. For their schedule, follow them on Twitter @crabbieshack
KERB Kings Cross (Monday – Friday, 12pm – 2pm), Lewis Cubitt Square, London N1


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