Egg Salad with Capers and Dill

Has anybody else noticed that it’s starting to get dark much earlier and the evenings are getting chillier? It seems summer is definitely having its swansong, which makes it all the more sweet that I am off on holiday soon. Sadly, for me, impending holiday also means killing myself in the gym for a couple of weeks beforehand. Wish me luck with that.

This morning’s gruelling session left me ravenous, so I turned to eggs for a bit of recovery fuel. I have been considering Sweet Amandine‘s egg salad with dill and capers for breakfast for some time. I deliberately waited for a day when I could have a mid-morning brunch, rather than an early breakfast, to cook it as I wasn’t sure how well I could tolerate mustard and capers first thing. It’s basically an egg mayo, but not as we know it. Best served on a piece of wholemeal or granary toast, but would also make a splendid sandwich.

Egg Salad with Capers and Dill

4 eggs
2 tbsp mayonnaise
2 tsp Dijon mustard
2 tsp chopped dill
2 tsp capers, drained
Black pepper

Hard boil the eggs. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, mix together the mayonnaise and Dijon mustard. Once the eggs are cooked and cooled a little, peel and roughly chop them. Using a silicon spatula, fold them into the mayonnaise and mustard mixture along with the dill,  capers and a good grind of black pepper. Taste and add salt if you wish, but there will probably be enough salt from the capers.

Serves two. Adapted from a recipe by Sweet Amandine.


One thought on “Egg Salad with Capers and Dill

  1. American style egg salad: onions, celery, mayo, hot sauce and mustard, I use dijon or german, not whole grain. Serve on toasted bread. Do the same with tuna. I know lots of people don’t like celery, but it’s great with this. Leave for flavours to meld a bit in the fridge beforehand.


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