Avocado, Bacon and Poached Egg on Toast at St David’s Coffee House, Forest Hill

When I left London it was raining and when I returned, a little under a week later, it was raining still. In between I went to Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff and the Gower peninsula: all sunny.  Come on dear, you’re letting the side down. A beacon of light in the gloom of the dismal weather was that my friends Sam and Craig were unexpectedly in town and free for Sunday Brunch. They were staying in Honor Oak, so I thought it a good opportunity to finally get myself down to St David’s Coffee House, a local place I had heard so much about but had yet to visit.  Being so late for brunch that it had officially rolled into lunch territory (none of us are early risers), a few of the breakfast options had already sold out; but thankfully not the avocado on toast with bacon and poached egg. The avocado was ripe, the bacon crisp, the egg had a perfect runny yolk and the coffee (Square Mile) was strong. I silently cursed myself for having moved out of Forest Hill before St David’s arrived and made a note to come back again. A little earlier next time so I can try the peas and feta on toast.
Avocado, bacon and poached egg on toast is £6.50.
St David’s Coffee House, 5 David’s Road, London SE23 3EP.


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