Aubergine Sabich at Honey & Co., Fitzrovia

I am never a more cheerful colleague than when I come into the office immediately following a good breakfast; something I’m sure most of you can identify with. We’ve all had those days where we turn up from a disastrous commute with an empty stomach, barely human until we’ve had, at the very least, a cup of coffee and, let’s be honest: nobody really likes us.

This morning I had two reasons to treat myself to a nice breakfast out: it’s Monday and I had just completed a very strenuous workout at the gym. Fortunately, I have an office very happily situated just down the road from one of my favourite restaurants in London. I know I’ve given this topic a lot of floorspace already, but I’m going to have to talk just a little more about how much I love Honey & Co.

There are many, many reasons for this affection. Aside from the short distance to my desk; it’s cosy, beautiful, perfect for informal meetings, sells wonderful cakes and has this cooked cardamom coffee that I just cannot get enough of. In addition to all of these qualities, the food is outrageously good. Didn’t you know? You must know by now.

This morning I ordered the ‘sabich.’ I considered ordering the shakshuka, but am wearing a rather nice dry-clean only jacket and am notoriously messy when it comes to sauce. The sabich is a plate of different items, so perfectly well-suited that you immediately wonder why there aren’t sabiches on menus across the land. First, there were slabs of soft grilled aubergine, marinated in chilli and garlic, with a few jalapenos tossed over for some extra heat. Then, there was the beautifully smooth hummus that graces the side of so many of their dishes, with the tahini just subtly overthrowing the balance of ingredients, and a couple of pitta bread for scraping the last remnants from the plate. Finally a ‘dinosaur egg’, which you will inevitably have to refer to the photo for. I have no idea what this is – it tastes pretty similar to a regular hard-boiled egg, but I have a tweet in the pipeline to the restaurant for clarification.

I don’t think I need to tell you that Honey & Co. may be the perfect London restaurant. I think you know it already.

Honey & Co., 25a Warren Street, London W1T 5LZ


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