Happy New Year and #Veganuary

Happy New Year and greetings from my couch, where I can currently be found under a blanket, curled up with my laptop, cup of tea perched precariously on the arm, wondering why I was so terrible at blogging last year. I have more or less been here since New Year’s Day, save for a few brisk walks which, I was hoping, would undo the last month of gluttony and overindulgence. Wishful thinking, I believe the term is.

Anyway, never one to shirk away from a challenge, I have decided to go vegan for the whole of January. Scroll through the #veganuary hashtag on Instagram and you will find hundreds of others doing the same thing. My reasons for eschewing my beloved meat, fish, eggs and dairy for a whole 31 days are thus: I want to expand my knowledge of plant-based cookery. I’ve been so busy lately that there have been too many occasions where I have thrown pizzas in the oven for supper, and have become stuck in a kitchen rut. Also, the comparative healthiness of a vegan diet is a welcome change after Christmas when I have basically been mainlining cheese and port like it was my second full time job.

It seems that New Year’s Day is a bad time to start anything, and that really all resolutions or diets should be postponed until the 2nd January, to allow us all time to recover from our hangovers. I woke up, as with most years, with a dry mouth and blinding headache. Ordinarily, I would reach straight for bacon, sausages, eggs, black pudding, heavily buttered toast and a cup of strong builders’ tea with milk (no sugar.) Or would chisel off the remnants of last night’s mascara and make for the nearest greasy spoon and order that exact combination. This year, however, all of those items were off limits.

Thank heavens for avocado and sriracha: both vegan. Also refried beans. All of this, piled up on a thick slice of toast, is not only delicious, but works wonders for a hangover. I make my own refried beans a lot but, since I load them with cheese, they aren’t vegan. For this breakfast, I used Old El Paso, which are a-OK for veganuary.

So this is the first of many vegan posts this month. I hope they don’t only have the effect of sending you running for a burger.



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