Biscuits and Cookies
Rosewater shortbread

Bacon, cheddar and spring onion cornbread
Sour cherry and walnut spelt bread

American-style pancakes 
Apricot and pistachio granola
Baked eggs with tomato and feta 
Baked porridge with blueberries and dried apricots
Blueberry and lemon breakfast scones
Blueberry pancakes
Cherry, almond and coconut granola
Fried nutella and strawberry french toast sandwich 
Homemade baked beans
Homemade vegan baked beans
Kale, spinach and spring onion potato cakes 
Potato and bok choy hash with a fried egg and hot sauce
Potato and chorizo hash with eggs and avocado
Raisin and fennel seed breakfast scones
Raspberry breakfast scones
Savoury kale pancakes
Scrambled eggs with green peppers, mushrooms and rocket
Scrambled eggs with sumac, pine nuts and parsley 
Stewed prunes with orange and cinnamon
Strawberry, almond and coconut baked porridge
Sweet potato and chorizo breakfast tacos
Sweet potato, chorizo and caramelised onion hash with baked eggs
Sweet potato pancakes
Turkish eggs
Vanilla and cinnamon poached plums 
Vegan pancakes

Apple, date and cinnamon bundt cake
Banana bread
Banana, rum and coconut bread
Carrot and walnut loaf
Fig, stem ginger and spelt cake
My nan’s tea loaf
Peanut butter brownies
Vegan cherry coconut cake
Vegan double chocolate banana bread 

Fish and Seafood
Smoked mackerel pate
White pizza with broccoli, anchovies and chilli

Cherry tomato, prosciutto and ricotta frittata
Chicken and broccoli
Chicken and dumplings
Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic
Pad Thai
Steak Diane

Other Desserts
Blackberry ripple ice cream
Chocolate pecan pie
Emergency chocolate mousse
Simple pumpkin pie
Sweet potato cheesecake

Late summer grilled vegetables with halloumi
Roasted butternut squash and chickpea salad with tahini-lemon dressing
Vietnamese prawn noodle salad

Savoury Baking
Spinach burek 

Butternut squash, curry and cider soup
Coconut, curry and red lentil soup

Vegan Mains
Aloo gobi
Butternut squash falafel
Miso aubergines
Red lentil, potato and pea curry 
Sriracha-roasted cauliflower
Vegan winter chilli 
Warm pearl barley squash salad with balsamic-Dijon dressing

Vegetarian Mains
Egg salad with capers and dill 
Lentils with mushrooms, kale and an egg
Mushroom and goat’s cheese frittata
Pea, asparagus and goat’s cheese frittata
Root vegetable tacos
Spiced lentils and tomatoes with kale and baked eggs

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