The Thomasburger

If you’re going to name something after yourself…

There are many reasons to get frustrated with London in the summer; the heat, the tourists, the inability to get an outside table anywhere after seven o’clock or just, quite simply, the lack of beaches that other, more summer-friendly cities seem to have.

For those of us who don’t have second homes on the coast or the means to travel all summer, we have to make our fun where we can.

Once you’ve been here a couple of years, you begin to get a sense of how to get the best out of London when the sun comes out. We have an abundance of parks, roof terraces, pub gardens and riverside spaces. In a city of eight million people – plus commuters and tourists – it is likely that you will be cheek-to-jowl with the next sunseeker, but fortunately we’re used to a lack of personal space. You can also try to make friends with people who are fortunate enough to have part of their home outdoors.

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